How to rebuild my music library?

In a few instances customers have reported that their music library disappeared after a re-build that is required when switching to album artist (Settings > System > Compilation > Album artist). There are 2 options to get your music library to appear again:

Option 1 (takes less time, requires re-built)

1. Go to Settings > System >Compilation. If the selection is "Album Artist", please choose "Artist" again 
2. ONE will ask for a re-build. Select "Yes:. 
3. After you have selected "Yes" please cancel the re-build.
4. Go to to Settings > System > Compilation and check if "Artist" is selected again. 
5. This will mostly likely recover your music. If you still do not see your music tracks please try a re-sync again.

Option 2 (takes more time, better success rate)

1. Please backup your music to your PC or Mac (copying the contents of the OLIVE MUSIC folder via the network)
2. Go to Settings > System > Music Library and format your internal hard drive
3. After rebooting please selected Settings > System > Compilation > Album artist (Or compilation if that is your desired option).
4. Copy the backup of music to your ONE again.

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