How Olive ONEs multi-room function?

Synchronous playback to multiple ONEs is supported with software .28 and higher. Please note the following remarks and limitations:

  • All ONEs have to be turned on (i.e. not in sleep mode) to join multi-room playback.
  • A stable network environment is required, preferably with Ethernet or WiFi 802.11n router
  • Right now only playback from local HDD and UPnP sources is available for synchronous playback, Bluetooth and Internet Radio is in the works and should be implemented in upcoming releases.
  • Currently 2-3 ONEs run stable in party-mode. At more than 3 units and with WAV and AIFF or high-res audio files we have experienced performance issues and we are fine-tuning the networking drivers and buffering process to resolve these issues.
  • Slave units currently do not show the metadata of the original stream. This will be added in current releases.
  • Pause & Seek is currently not supported.
  • When a new unit joins a group that is already playing back, it will not start playback until the next track.
  • In rare cases the music stream will get out of sync or a slave unit can unexpectedly drop out of the multi-room group.

To start multi-room playback please start the playback on the master unit and tap on the "Multi-room" icon in the header bar of the library screen or in the play-screen. The unit you initiate multi-room playback from is automatically set as the master unit. Select the ONEs that you want to stream the music to and comfirm your selection. As a next step please enter the name for the group of players. This group can now be joined from any ONE in the network.

To set the volume for each ONE please tap on the "Multi-room" icon again and adjust the volume slider for each device.

To stop multi-room playback please tap on the "Multi-room" icon and deselect the multi-room group and confirm your selection.

To join (from another ONE) to an existing multi-room playback group please tap on the "Multi-room" icon and select the group you want to join and confirm your selection.


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