How to connect the Olive app with Olive ONE?

As a first step please make sure your ONE and your smartphone are in the same network. 

If that is the case the problem might be the setting of your router. To discover ONEs in your network the app uses multicast messages. Please turn on the multicast option in the settings of your router.


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    I have installed the app on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.
    I have activated the Bluetooth.
    I have set the Bluetooth Power On on the ONE and the ONE.
    My smartphone and my ONE indicate that they are connected (without asking for a code ..?).
    Nevertheless, the app cannot find my ONE.
    What surprises me is that the manual mode is asking for an IP Address which is not used in a Bluetooth connection but in a "internet" connection.

    So my question is, how is the app supposed to work please ?
    Is it a wifi or a Bluetooth connected interface, to pilote the ONE from the smartphone ?

    Other question : Is it different aspect to read music from the smartphone on the ONE ? And then how to do this too please ?

    Thank you very much

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    Customer Service

    Hello Marce,

    the app requires a WiFi connection. Both the ONE and your smartphone need t be in the same network.

    To play music from your smartphone please follow the instructions in the user guide:

    Have a great Sunday.

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    Peter Stockwell

    I can find the Olive manually with the IP address, but it's never found automatically. The Olive is connected by ethernet.

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    Customer Service

    Hello Peter, please do submit a request and we will look into this. Thanks!