Can I automatically sync music between Olive ONE and my PC/Mac?

Currently the Olive ONE does not support automatic syncing of your music libraries (using e.g. Rsync). However, one of our customers (thanks Sandro!) has found a workaround that provides a solution to this problem:

"Finally I found the way to automatically synchronize the music library in the Olive hardisk (if you have one) with the library in the PC, very useful if you prefere to manage the music files in the PC with a software like iTunes or (my favorite) MusicBee (or any other) and automatically affect the files in the Olive device. Sorry for the english, I hope it is understandable.

1) Connect your OliveOne to the network. A window will appear on the desktop and, inside this, the folder "My Olive Music" (for simplicity, I have created a desktop shortcut of the folder)

2) Download "PureSync" (the free version is enough)

3) Install and open.

4) On the left choose "New Backup"

5) Choose "Mirror (echo) mode"; this mean that if you delete a file in the souce folder (PC), the same file will be automatically deleted also in the destination folder (Olive).

6) Choose the souce folder (the folder in your PC containing the music files you want to synchronize)

7) In the next window, under "Destination folder:" you can choose between "Explorer" (automatically selected choice) and "List". Choose "List".

8) Now, in the space below, you simply drag and drop the folder "My Olive Music".

9) Continue until the end of setting. Done."

The discussion about this topic is available under the following thread:

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    Serge Jansen

    The topic states for pc/mac but Puresync is a pc only program!
    Anybody found a mac alternative?

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    Ville Keskinen

    I have used Carbon Copy Cloner, not automatic but scheduled. Works fine for me.

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    Serge Jansen

    Thanks Ville, will give it a try.

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    Tom Isenbarger

    I'm playing around with Sync Folders (Pro) on Mac.

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    Customer Service

    Hello Tom, thanks for sharing this. Let us know if it works well and we will add this to the FAQ.

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    Peter Stockwell

    On a mac I use Chronosync, works fine. However, it's a shame there's not a light sleep mode for the OLive One, allowing the HDD to be seen across the local network at all times.