How to import my music libraries? How long does the import take?

After you have copied your music from your PC/Mac to the MY OLIVE MUSIC folder it usually take some time for the ONE to import the music into the library. Depending on the size of your library it can take up to 24 hours.

For cases where the music still does not show up we have added a "re-sync library" feature that forces the local library (which displays on the LCD of your ONE) to sync again with the MY OLIVE MUSIC folder (which is the import folder on the desktop of your Mac/PC).  This feature is accessible under Settings > System > Music Library.

In software .29 we have also added a "re-build library" feature that will completely delete the local library and re-build it with the content in the MY OLIVE MUSIC folder. This is more time-consuming and should only be tried if the re-syncing does not deliver the desired results.

P.S. We have noticed that some customers are using special software to copy the music to the ONE (e.g rsync). This is currently not supported by the ONE and will also cause some music to not show up in the ONE's library. Please use straight copy via SAMBA to transfer your music to the ONE.

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    Paul MacLeod

    When I try and sync with the SAMBA folder (because some of my music is not showing up) I get the message "Operation Failed. Please try again". I am using FLAC music files.

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    What exaclty is the FOLDER menu please ?
    Is it juste a temporary place for files coming from My Olive Music (Samba) pc folder ? Will these files disapear from the FOLDER menu once the re-sunc is done and music "transferred" to the normal OLIVE menu ?
    I have put one folder, containing a whole album tracks and cover, in Samba and found it in the FOLDER menu but not in the OLIVE menu. I can not play the tracks that are visible in the FOLDER menu. What shall I do next ?

    Thank you

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    Customer Service

    Hello Marce, the FOLDER view shows the music exactly in the sam way you copied it into the MY OLIVE MUSIC folder. The will always be there and never disappear (unless you delete them).

    Please file a Zendesk request if the music in the MY OLIVE MUSIC folder does not show up in the library.