How do I delete music from the internal hard disk drive?

There are two ways how to delete music from the internal hard disk drive:

1. Directly on the User Interface (LCD) of your Olive ONE

You can delete single or multiple albums and tracks at this time (artists is currently not possible). To delete albums/tracks simply keep your finger pressed on the name of the album/track and select DELETE in the pop-up window. A new pop-up will open:



Tap on the "X" of each album/track that you want to delete and tap on DONE to confirm your selection. The selected albums/tracks will be permanently deleted from your hard disk drive.

You can also delete music directly in the MY OLIVE MUSIC (Samba) folder on your PC/Mac. Simply drag-and-drop the music folders you want to delete into the trash and empty the trash. After the deletion process is complete you will need to reboot your Olive ONE and perform a re-sync (settings > system > music library) to update your library on the ONE.

2. Erasing all music

The ONE also allows you to format your internal HDD and erase all music.  To do this please go to Settings > System > Music Library and initiate the "Format your internal hard drive" function. This will delete all the music on your hard drive.












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