What software can I use for embedding album artwork?

To embed the album artwork with the metadata tag of the music file you can use a variety of free software. Some of our PC users have reported that icoverart and  mp3tag works very well (also for FLAC files and other formats). Here is a great tutorial on how to do this. For Apple Macs Doug's Apple Scripts for iTunes have been reported to work well. This article explains the free script for iTunes a bit more in detail.


Note: Album artwork must be between 4K and 16MB.


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    Could you tell us how the Olive player is working and recognizes albums and related artwork please ?

    For instance I don't event now if I shall extract the different tracks of a CD into a specific folder named the name of the CD album, or just put them on my "My Olive Music" folder.

    Also, il I by an album on internet, what format shall I choose and how do I have to arrange the files (tracks, cover...) for them to be recognized as a whole album ?

    Thank you very much

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