Olive ONE settings

All SETTINGS are conveniently accessible by tapping on the settings icon.

Connect your Olive ONE to your network (Wireless or Wired) and Bluetooth device.

1) Network

Please choose between Wireless and Wired connection.

Wireless: The Olive ONE currently supports the following wireless network encryptions: 802.11 B/G/N, WEP/WPA/WPA2

Wired: Simply connect an Ethernet cable to your ONE and it will automatically choose the wired connection on boot-up.

2) Bluetooth

The Olive ONE supports all smartphones with Bluetooth 2.1 (or higher) and that employ the standard AVRCP protocol for audio streaming.

3) Device Name

Define the name for your ONE that is displayed in the network or as Bluetooth device.



1) Update

Install the latest software update via the internet or USB. Turn on AUTO UPDATE to make your ONE automatically check for new updates. Installation will require manual approval.

Note: The USB stick needs to be formatted in FAT32 and have at least 1GB memory for the recovery software package

2) Backup/Restore

If you have a built-in HDD, we recommend performing a backup to an external USB HDD regularly. Simply plug in your USB HDD (with identical capacity to the built-in HDD) and START the backup.
Attention: The ONE will automatically format your USB HDD and delete all preexisting data. 

3) Default Settings 

This will reset your Olive ONE to its factory settings. It will delete all personal settings (time, alarm etc.), but will maintain your favorites, ratings, playlists, and internet radio stations. 

4) Error Logging

If you have a consistent, replicable problem with your ONE, we recommend sending us an error log:
1) Go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > ERROR LOGGING and turn ON error logging
2) Reboot system
3) Execute the same operations that lead to the problem, until you can replicate it.
4) Upload the error log to the Olive Server or onto a USB stick and attach it to your support request (under SETTINGS > SYSTEM > ERROR LOGGING). Please also include the serial # of your product.
5) Turn OFF error logging

If you are connected to the internet you can also upload the error log directly to the Olive server. 

Note: Always turn OFF error logging if you do not need it anymore as it requires system resources and might slow down your ONE.

5) System Check

If you have a ONE with hard disk drive we recommend to enable this feature. It will verify that your hard disk drive is ok every 30th time you reboot the system.

6) Music Library

If not all your music shows up after importing it into your ONE please initiate a RE-SYNC. This will compare the music in your MY OLIVE MUSIC folder with the music library index (i.e. the music that shows up on your ONE's user interface).

If you want to delete all the music on your built-in hard disk drive please use the FORMAT feature. Important note: It will also delete the 10 HD tracks that came with the ONE so we recommend to do a backup first.


1) Language

The user interface is currently available in English. Additional languages are in the works.

2) Time 

You can either set your time manually or use the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to set your time automatically.

3) Audio 

Here you can set how the ONE outputs audio. Turn ON ...

a) the DIGITAL output if you connect the ONE to your amplifier/receiver/DAC via S/PDIF coax

b) SPEAKER output if you connect speakers directly to the ONE

c) ANALOG if you connect the ONE via the 3.5mm-to-RCA cable to your amplifier/receiver.

4) Power

Set the POWER SAVER TIMER to determine when your Olive ONE should go into power saving mode.  If your ONE is active (i.e. music or internet radio is playing) only the LCD will turn off at the time the power saver timer is set. The hard disk drive will only shut down completely if no other system operations are active (this can also be another ONE in the network that streams music from the hard disk drive). 
Note: Keep the finger pressed on the Power/Sleep button for ~1-2 seconds and this will put your Olive ONE manually into power saving mode.

5) Alarm

The Olive ONE can act as your alarm clock. You can set a start and end time and a playlist to wake up to. If your playlist links to a UPnP library and network connectivity is unavailable, the Olive ONE will play a standard alarm tone.

6) Antenna

If your ONE is located in the same room as your router you usually do not have to use the external WiFi antenna that comes with your ONE. If the router is located in a different room please attach the external antenna and activate this setting.

7) Volume Control

If your volume sensor still reacts sensitive please adjust the setting of the sensor to SENSITIVE.

To control the volume please make sure to move your finger on the outer ring (not in the area between the inner and outer ring). Additionally please hold your finger at the volume position you selected until the volume control disappears, and then let go. If you let go earlier the position can jump to another location due to the sensor believing the act of removing the finger was also a request to shift the finger.


1) Your Library 

Provides information about the size of your music library, number of tracks, albums, artists etc. (for local music library on built-in HDD only).

2) Your System

Displays key information about your Olive ONE such as software version, firmware, serial number etc.
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