Choose your music from different sources

The ONE allows you to play music from different sources:

Internal Hard Disk Drive

There are two key advantages of playing music from the local HDD:
  • Faster navigation and playback due to independence from network performance, external hardware (PC/Mac/NAS), and UPnP software.
  • More flexibility in browsing and arranging your music library, since the ONE manages the metadata directly.
Music Library Browse Screen

* Network connection status: White network icon confirms internet access. Red icon indicates no internet, Crossed-through icon means no network access

Play Screen

UPnP Sources
To stream music from your Mac/PC/NAS, you need to share your music library using UPnP DLNA software in your network. Your UPnP library will then appear in the Sources screen:

Once you have selected your library the Olive ONE will display the music information in the UPnP library screen:

Due to the many different ways UPnP software packages provide information about a shared music library, the Olive ONE provides a standardized view to ensure maximum compatibility. You can choose to view up to three hierarchy levels of your music library.

Bluetooth Sources
The ONE can also access and play music from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone:

1) Select SOURCES from the Launch Bar and click on the Bluetooth icon (or go to SETTINGS  > CONNECTIVITY > BLUETOOTH).

2) Turn ON Bluetooth and wait until the status messages changes to “Initialized.”

3) Turn ON Bluetooth on your smartphone and select the ONE in the device list.
The connection is established when the status on the ONE changes to “Connected.”
4) Start music playback from your phone. The ONE’s user interface will automatically change to the play-screen and display the music currently playing. You can control playback (skip, pause/play, volume) from the user interface of your phone or the ONE.

Internet Radio
The ONE comes with a hand-groomed internet radio service with stations from all around the world. Our proprietary database allows you to conveniently arrange, browse and search stations by combining key criteria such as country, genre, language, etc

Want to add a station to your favorites? Simply keep your finger pressed on the station name and tap on the "Add to favorites" button in the pop-up. You can then access it under FAVORITES on the right side (Launch Bar).

Note: Internet radio station links must be http or mms. Currently only radio stations that use the MP3 formats are supported, not the Windows Media Format.

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