How do I stream music from my PC/Mac/NAS to my Olive ONE?

To stream music from your Mac/PC/NAS, you need to share your music library using UPnP DLNA software in your network. We do recommend to install the free UPnP software XBMC

Please follow these instructions to import and share your music library via XBMC:

Another popular software that many of our users recommend is Plex.

Additional UPnP software packages are tversity, Asset UPnP, Bubble UPnP, Minim Server and twonky.


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    Small question in regard to searching via UPnP;

    MinimServer on Synology is an UPnP-server which supports searching the library on the server. In the YouTube videos showing the process of playing songs from a NAS I can't seem to find a searchoption on the GUI.

    Can Olive ONE search the library on an UPnP-device when the server supports it?

    Kind regards,


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    Customer Service

    Hello Martijn, yes we allow to search a supported UPnP source the same way as with music on the built-in hard disk drive. You simply have to tap on the search icon and enter the name of the artist/track/album in the search mask.

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    What exactly do you mean by "you need to share your music library using UPnP DLNA software in your network"?

    Do I right-click and tell my PC to share this folder on the network or do I have to buy some software for this to work?

    Windows doesn't call sharing "UPnP DLNA software" they just call it sharing - so your terminology is confusing.

    For inexperienced users you need to be more specific please!

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    Customer Service

    Hello Michael, we do recommend to install the free UPnP software XBMC:

    This allows you to share your music library in the network and the ONE can recognize it. Here are the instructions:

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    As an FYI - I've been able to stream from my main music server, which is running JRiver. For whatever reason it would NOT stream with the DLNA server option in JRiver that I use for the other devices in our house, but I added a generic UPnP server in JRiver, and that works just fine.

    Am also able to stream from my Logitech server that I use for a couple of really old Logitech devices, using the White Bear add on.