Connecting Olive ONE to your network

You can integrate the ONE into your network via wired or wireless connection. Please go to SETTINGS > CONNECTIVITY and choose one of the following options:

Wireless (WiFi)

For automatic connection via DHCP please touch the SETTINGS button and then select CONNECTIVITY > WiFi. Turn ON WiFi and select your network. Enter the password and the ONE will connect automatically to your network.

Note: It might take a few seconds until your network appears in the network list. You can click the refresh button to load the network list again.

For a manual network connection please select the manual network setup and enter the required information, such as network name (SSID), Key (Password), IP address etc. 


If your ONE is located in the same room as your router you usually do not have to use the external WiFi antenna that comes with your ONE.  If the router is located in a different room please attach the external antenna and activate it under Settings > Preferences > Antenna.

Wired (Ethernet)
Connect the ONE via Ethernet cable to your router and choose DHCP for automatic connection:

Or choose STATIC for a manual connection with a fixed IP address. Enter the required information of your router/network setup in the entry mask:





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