Olive ONE latest software (V1.0.31 Build 67)

Release Note


SW: 1.0.31 Build 67

Date: 2017-01-08


How to upgrade to V1.0.31 Build 67

You can now download the software update:

1. download software: http://myoliveone.com/USBpackage/ONE/O.0.31.67/usbupgrade.img

2. install the software via USB stick (needs to be formatted in FAT32). Please do not double-click on the file when it is downloaded and simply copy it to the USB stick. Then go to settings > system > update and initiate the USB Update.

Note: the recovery file for this software version is available if you copy & paste http://myoliveone.com/USBpackage/ONE/O.0.31.67/Recovery.img

Release notes:

Bug fixes and enhancements:

•Added support for A2DP audio output from ONE to USB DAC.

•Fixed problems with a range of Bluetooth speakers including JamBox Mini, Big JamBox and XiaoMi.

•ONE now restores volume setting after re-connecting to Bluetooth speaker

•Further improved performance when connecting and re-connecting to Bluetooth speakers.

•Added status indicator icon to main screen for bluetooth output.

•ONE now remembers history after successfully connecting to bluetooth speaker and automatically reconnects.

•Fixed problem with muting volume while outputting to Bluetooth speaker.

•Resolved issue where ONE was not able to play music after re-connecting to or disconnecting from Bluetooth speaker.

•Fixed problem where ONE output mixed sound with analog output after re-connecting to or disconnecting from Bluetooth speaker.

•Fixed problem where ONE would not react to next/previous/pause commands after connecting to Bluetooth speaker.

•Fixed pop-up noise while press next song (Bluetooth output).

•Added bluetooth discovery name when ONE acts as bluetooth speaker.

•Fixed issue where Bluetooth Input buffer is automatically set to off after reboot.

•Fixed problem where Bluetooth Input buffer is disabled after software update.

•Fixed bug where re-build of music library stalls sometimes.

•Fixed problem where adding to playlist from album artwork view failed.

•Fixed issue with writing error log into flash memory if ONE does not have HDD.

•Fixed bug where ONE cannot retrieve error log with USB mode.

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